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Michael Fine

I have been providing tax services for many years now and one of the most important elements of my industry is Mike Finedeveloping personal and professional connections with my clients. Taxes are an extremely private matter, and because of their individual and often unique nature, the most effective way to service my clients is to ensure that connection remains strong. Therefore, when you choose to engage me, my primary focus is to establish, build, foster, and maintain a partnership with you so that I can provide sound tax advice and accounting services.

As a long time resident of the DC Metro Area, I understand the unique needs of DC area taxpayers. Armed with the latest tax information and an extensive network of professionals that span all aspects of the financial world, my clients can be sure the hard work I put in will pay off in the end.

Honors, Professional Affiliations, & Certification

  • DC’s Best Business Person of the Year
    ‘06, ‘07, & ‘08—Washington Blade
  • Society of Certified Senior Advisors
    (CSA since 2006)
  • Maryland Society of Accountants
    (Member in Good Standing since 2004)
  • National Assn of Tax Professionals
    (Member in Good Standing since 2004)
  • National Society of Tax Professionals
    (Active Member since 2005)
  • Virginia Society of Enrolled Agents
    (Associate Member since 2004)
  • Principle Tax Instructor for several DC, MD and VA Real Estate Offices
Shawn Nagle

Shawn, our Director of Operations, joined the firm in August of 2014, coming to us with over a decade of accounting firm management experience. A Connecticut native, Shawn spent many years managing accounting firms in both Maryland and Massachusetts with a specific focus on client relations, policy management, and staff development. Shawn also has extensive management experience in the Homeland Security, retail, landscape design, and wholesale distribution industries. Shawn NagleWith this eclectic cross section of corporate and government cultures, Shawn has a unique perspective which brings a very effective and interesting operations philosophy to our tax practice. Clients and staff members alike have agreed that his time spent blending these industries’ management practices, was time well spent.

In addition to Shawn’s management experience, he is also well versed in the tax code and the preparation of tax returns, having prepared thousands of tax returns in the ten years he has been inside the tax accounting firm environment. His arsenal of tax knowledge includes preparation for small businesses, rental property and real property tax issues, complicated investment income situations, as well as the handling of every type of income and expense category that appears on the US and state tax returns.

When he is not helping keep the Finesse Tax train running on time, Shawn can be found watching his favorite Boston sports teams dominate the professional athletics landscape, or he can be found out in Virginia Wine Country enjoying a relaxing afternoon with friends or up in Boston visiting with his family.

As a long time resident of the DC Metro Area, I understand the unique needs of DC area taxpayers. Armed with the latest tax information and an extensive network of professionals that span all aspects of the financial world, my clients can be sure the hard work I put in will pay off in the end.

Cathy Doane

Cathy, our Accounting Manager, joined the firm in 2010 performing a wide array of bookkeeping and tax related services. Now as the Accounting Manager she oversees the monthly accounting work for many of our small business, corporation and partnership clients. Hailing from Maryland with over 25 years of experience, Cathy has a solid and unparalleled understanding of the unique accounting needs of the DC area business owner.

Cathy has been a high level accounting adviser for many large companies including Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals. She has also guided countless other smaller corporations in matters pertaining to both accounting and tax. Keeping the train on the tracks, on a larger scale, has given Cathy exceptional acumen when it comes to smaller scale accounting projects. This has led to a high level of success with our clients, many of whom are finding the monthly reports and regular interaction with a professional to be paramount to their continued growth and profit generation.

In addition to professional accounting services, Cathy is also in charge of our Ancillary Tax Return Program. Cathy DoaneShe helps hundreds of clients stay current with sales tax, personal property tax, payroll tax, and other unusual Federal, State, and Local returns which are pesky for sure, but certainly necessary. This program has become widely popular for the one of a kind approach developed in partnership with Cathy, Shawn (Our Director of Operations), and Mike (Our President). Using a specific interview technique, the client’s needs are assessed, deadlines are laid out, information is extracted from the client by our staff to meet those deadlines, and returns are prepared and filed in a timely fashion throughout the year with little to no effort being required by the client. All of which are performed at rates which are lower than average for the DC Area. Efficiency, accuracy, and expertise allow Cathy to prepare returns better, faster, and for lower rates than most of the other firms in “the DMV.”

When Cathy isn’t crunching numbers and preparing monthly client accounting reports she can be found bowling in her Wednesday Night League; spending time with her grand-puppies, Chipper and Sandy; or hitting the sun/sand in Myrtle Beach. Also an avid Redskins fan, Cathy has been known to tailgate a time or two in support of the Burgundy and Gold.